Acembly + Slack Integration

Is Slack a paid service on Acembly? No!

We understand how valuable Slack is for communication amongst teams and large organizations. The Acembly team has used Slack so that we can stay organized and be aware of changes to code, updates to agendas and connected to one another.

We have integrated Slack to enable Acembly users partnered with Slack to enable Acembly users the ability to connect to their existing Slack accounts / channels and set up custom notifications for a range of Acembly services.

Here are a few early examples for using Slack notifications on Acembly:

  • You have daily file delivery requirements for your clients and want to be notified once automated jobs are completed. Or, when high priority file transfers occur. You can set up a channel for being notified if a job has failed or is completed.
  • Set usage limits for your various cloud services connected to your Acembly account and get notified if any limits are met.
  • Set up custom automated reporting to keep track of your team, budget, plans.

Integrate Slack to Acembly

Sharing files on Slack

You can share files on Slack that include download links. Notifications sent to slack contain the information below

  • List of files transferred
  • Source or destination bucket
  • File name
  • File size
  • File download link (only if shared)

Getting notified in Slack

Receive instant notifications when you transfer a file using any acembly transfer service.

Acembly users can now connect their Slack account to get notifications for any actions such cost / usage limits, transfers, storage provisioning, job completions, etc.  Watch the quick video to learn how!

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