Acembly ftX Lite is purpose built to meet the needs of individuals and small content producers at an unbeatable price point.

Acembly ftX Lite built off of Acembly ftX is a simple software solution that enables high speed file transfer at $0.18 / GB.

Acembly ftX Lite optimizes fast, affordable, secure and reliable delivery of your files and data sets of up to 1.5 TB per month on networks up to 100 mbps.

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Move large files to/from anywhere up to 1.5 TB / month on networks up to 100 mbps
  • Fraction of the cost of our competitors - significantly reduce annual spend
  • Intelligent & secure sharing & content delivery across a hybrid-cloud environment
  • Cloud native technology with high availability and scalability
  • Uncompromised built-in security – authentication, encryption, and open standards cryptography

Check out our Pricing!

Included # of Users Monthly Cost Included Monthly Transfer Blocks
(Capped at 1 & 1.5 TB)
ftX Transfer Fee
1$0.001 TB$.10 / GB
1-5$29.991.5 TB$.10 / GB

$8 per additional user

File Management Across Any Cloud Storage

Transparency, Control & Ultra Fast

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