Acembly | C2C Migrator

Drag and Drop between
Cloud Storage Providers.
Fast and Easy.

Pay NO EGRESS COST to move from AWS S3 to lower
cost storage. Move more than 20 Million files each day.

No Credit Card Required.

Drag and Drop Files or Folders Between Cloud Providers.

Whether it’s a large 500TB migration or 50GBs to get started, Acembly makes it simple to move your content between cloud storage services.

No downtime.
No heavy IT resources required.

Securely connect your cloud accounts,
choose source and destination buckets and
begin transferring within minutes of sign up.

How much can you actually
save annually?

The math is simple...and honest.
Enter in the size of your storage and
see how much you save over time.

How easy is Acembly in 30 Seconds

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Acembly News

CBS Case Study

Acembly releases ftX Client

Acembly Launches C2C

For all of your file requirements, wherever they live.

Acembly delivers simplified but powerful file, video and cost management features across
public cloud storages for individuals or teams of any size. Manage it all better. In Minutes.

Multi Cloud

Connect your cloud accounts
and get immediate transparency
and control of your files, usage
and costs.

Acembly ftX

AI High Speed File Transfer that
moves files at maximum speed,
regardless of file size transfer
distance or network.


Advanced File Search, Budget
Control, Transcoding, File
Sharing, Cloud Analytics, User
Management and More.


Uncompromised built in security.
Authentication, encryption and
open standards cryptography.

The Acembly Desktop Client

Download the Acembly client to your desktop and start
automating your backups and file movement today!

The Power of Acembly
Intelligent & Optimized File Transfer

Transferring files and data sets at high speeds across cloud storage services has
never been easier. With Acembly, you can now securely move files and directories of any size,
between a multitude of leading cloud storage services with just a few clicks.


Acembly can move your files at speeds up to 10Gbps
and we keep pushing to optimize performance in every
way. There is no other C2C transfer service or product
available that matches our performance.


Acembly is a fraction fo the price of any other C2C
Transfer Service. We are constantly working on ways to
drive costs down for our customers. There will never be
egress costs leaving AWS S3. Contact us for pricing on
migrations larger than 1 Petabyte.

Ease of Use

You don't have to be technical to user Acembly. We've
built a complex system with simplicity in mind for all of
our users. Anyone can get started in minutes.


Acembly gathers data on 9 separate network
components in order to intelligently optimize and
protect your data and every network it comes across.


We love partnering with Managed Service Providers to
extend Acembly as a valuable transfer servicer to their
customers. We'll have a partner portal in place soon!

Cloud to Cloud Syncing

We will be releasing a cloud sync feature in the near
term that allows for customers to auto-sync data
between cloud providers. Set it, forget and save on
storage costs.