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  • Hybrid Cloud Management w/ Cost Controls
  • High Speed File Transfer to/from Anywhere for $0.05/GB
  • Cloud to Cloud File Mover
  • Federated Search across all Cloud Storage​s
  • Simple File Sharing
  • Active Archiving

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How it Works

Connect to your storage wherever it lives – AWS, Google, Private Cloud, On-Premise – or setup storage-as-a service and begin managing your hybrid file based infrastructure and workflows from one simple interface.

With Acembly data management, you create ways to monitor and move your data how, where and when it should be moved to satisfy your business requirements.

Acembly Intelligence

  • Customizable Dashboards for any Data Set
  • Embedded Analytics with Complete Extensibility
  • Work with Big Data, Dozens of disparate data sources and huge amounts of concurrent users
  • Slack and Voice Command capability

Transfer Services

  • Secure high-speed data transfer with Direct to Cloud technology
  • Fast transfer of very large files
  • Performance breakthroughs beyond 10 Gbps
  • High-performance streaming
  • High speed transfer from anywhere to anywhere in the world


Take a look at a few of the features we offer:

Hybrid Cloud Manager

Monitor and manage on-premise storage and public cloud services. With visibility across all storage silos, you can access any data, wherever it lives.

Compare Costs

Are you spending too much? Compare your cloud storage costs from Acembly’s dashboard to see if you should make a change.  And then make the change in real time.

Store Anything

1TB to 5 PBs. Provision Wasabi Storage directly from the Acembly dashboard. 1/5th the price and 6x faster than Amazon S3. Direct Connect options with unlimited egress.

Flash Transfer

Transfer large video files or data sets to/from anywhere in the world with Acembly’s Flash File Transfer. Intelligent Network Optimization to protect your organization from saturation.


Streamline your transcoding requirements by leveraging’s API on Acembly.  We’ve done the heavy lifting.  Just choose your codecs, your endpoints and automate.

Active Archive

A simple and low cost solution to move and manage all of your tape drives and on premise assets to an active cloud archive. Archiving made easy while saving you Money($)!

Flexible Pricing

Your Features + Your Volume = Your Price

Choose a plan with the features that you want.

Acembly Standard Feature Set

14 Day Free Trial – $399 / Month

  • Hybrid Cloud Management w/ Cost Controls
  • 10TBs Wasabi Cloud Storage
  • Upload / Download to S3, Wasabi, Azure
  • Federated Search across all Cloud Storage
  • Simple File Sharing
  • Active Archiving / Syncing from Local to Cloud
  • Metadata Management
  • 10 Users

Access to additional Acembly On-Demand Features:

  • High Speed File Transfer
  • Cloud Transcoding - Dozens of Formats/Codecs
  • Custom Automated Workflows
  • AI Video Services (coming soon)


  • All Standard Features Plus
  • API Access
  • Okta SSO Integrated with SOA
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • 24/7 Support
  • Web App or Desktop

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